International Data Corporation

International Data Corporation (IDC), an American market research, analysis and advisory firm designer water bottles, specializes in information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology, Software Development. A wholly owned subsidiary of the International Data Group (IDG). IDC has its headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts, United States (U.S.). The corporation has approximately 70 offices grouped into Latin America, Middle East and Africa, Central and Eastern Europe my football shirt, Europe, Asia/Pacific and the U.S. It employs over 1,100 analysts, who provide consultancy in relation to technology opportunities and trends for over 110 countries.

IDC was founded by Patrick Joseph McGovern in Massachusetts, in 1964. At the outset, the company produced a computer installation data base (based on a customer list purloined from IBM), and published a newsletter, “EDP Industry and Market Report” (modeled on “ADP Newsletter”, which was published by The Diebold Group). Companies such as RCA, Univac, Xerox, and Burroughs paid IDC for use of the data base. During this time, Mcgovern continued to work as a writer for “Computers and Automation” magazine, the first computer magazine, published by Edmund C. Berkeley.

McGovern frequently described his having sold his old car for $5,000, to fund the startup of IDC, which is apocryphal. At the time, $5,000 was the purchase price of a new Cadillac.

Contrary to a published report in 1999, that the company had grossed $600,000 by its third year, it did in fact, have an income of $154,996. with a modest net profit of $2,961. McGovern was considering liquidating the company when he hit on the idea of launching Computerworld in 1967, which was a continuation of the monthly newsletter, published weekly instead of monthly, in a different format, with advertising, which became a cornerstone of IDG’s subsequent publishing arm.

Subsequently, failing to wrest control of “Computers and Automation” magazine from his friend and mentor, Ed Berkeley, he left Berkeley and founded “PC World”.

IDC has had major slips in forecasts. In 2011, IDC predicted Windows Phone to overtake iPhone in market share, but in reality Windows Phone is almost dead.

David Warren (director)

David Warren is an American theatre and television director.

Warren has a number of Broadway production directing credits to his name, including Holiday, Summer and Smoke and Misalliance. His other, more extensive work includes the Jekyll & Hyde and Copacabana national tours, and several significant off-Broadway productions including Pterodactyls, Matt & Ben, Minutes from the Blue Route bpa free water, Night and Her Stars, Hurrah at Last us soccer goalie, The Dazzle, Raised in Captivity, Hobson’s Choice and Drumstruck. He also has many credits for regional theatres including, among many others, Baltimore Center Stage, New York Stage and Film and South Coast Repertory.

Warren’s television credits include episodes of Desperate Housewives, Weeds, Gossip Girl, In Plain Sight, 90210, Ugly Betty, Drop Dead Diva, and Valentine. Desperate Housewives creator and executive producer Marc Cherry asked Warren to direct an episode of the show’s third season having known him previously from the theatre. Warren and Cherry became close friends after Warren gave Cherry his first professional acting job over twenty years ago in a children’s musical. Warren hopes to work both in theatre and television in the future: “I’m very excited by this career change. But it’s not permanent, because I love theatre too much.”

Openly gay authentic jerseys for cheap, Warren’s partner since 1988, and husband since 2017, is actor Peter Frechette, who has featured in a number of Warren’s productions. Warren has an older brother, Seth, and younger sister, Jennifer, and currently lives in Los Angeles, though he is originally from New York City.

Russell–Einstein Manifesto

The Russell–Einstein Manifesto was issued in London on 9 July 1955 by Bertrand Russell in the midst of the Cold War. It highlighted the dangers posed by nuclear weapons and called for world leaders to seek peaceful resolutions to international conflict. The signatories included eleven pre-eminent intellectuals and scientists, including Albert Einstein, who signed it just days before his death on 18 April 1955

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. A few days after the release, philanthropist Cyrus S. Eaton offered to sponsor a conference—called for in the manifesto—in Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Eaton’s birthplace. This conference was to be the first of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, held in July 1957.

The first detonation of an atomic weapon took place on 16 July 1945 in the desert north of Alamogordo, New Mexico. On 6 August 1945 thermos stainless steel hydration bottle, the US dropped Little Boy on the Japanese city of Hiroshima and, three days later soccer t shirts for boys, Fat Man on Nagasaki. At least 100,000 civilians were killed outright by these two bombings.

On 18 August 1945, the Glasgow Forward published “The Bomb and Civilisation,” the first known recorded comment by Bertrand Russell on atomic weapons, which he began composing the day Nagasaki was bombed. It contained threads that would later appear in the manifesto:

The prospect for the human race is sombre beyond all precedent. Mankind are faced with a clear-cut alternative: either we shall all perish, or we shall have to acquire some slight degree of common sense. A great deal of new political thinking will be necessary if utter disaster is to be averted.

After learning of the bombing of Hiroshima and seeing an impending nuclear arms race, Joseph Rotblat, the only scientist to leave the Manhattan Project on moral grounds, remarked that he “became worried about the whole future of mankind”.

Over the years that followed Russell and Rotblat worked on efforts to curb nuclear proliferation, collaborating with Albert Einstein and other scientists to compose what became known as the Russell–Einstein Manifesto.

The manifesto was released during a press conference at Caxton Hall, London. Rotblat, who chaired the meeting, describes it as follows:

It was thought that only a few of the Press would turn up and a small room was booked in Caxton Hall for the Press Conference. But it soon became clear that interest was increasing and the next larger room was booked. In the end the largest room was taken and on the day of the Conference this was packed to capacity with representatives of the press, radio and television from all over the world. After reading the Manifesto, Russell answered a barrage of questions from members of the press, some of whom were initially openly hostile to the ideas contained in the Manifesto. Gradually, however, they became convinced by the forcefulness of his arguments, as was evident in the excellent reporting in the Press, which in many cases gave front page coverage.

Russell had begun the conference by stating:

I am bringing the warning pronounced by the signatories to the notice of all the powerful Governments of the world in the earnest hope that they may agree to allow their citizens to survive.

The manifesto called for a conference where scientists would assess the dangers posed to the survival of humanity by weapons of mass destruction. Emphasis was placed on the meeting being politically neutral. It extended the question of nuclear weapons to all people and governments. One particular phrase is quoted often, including by Rotblat upon receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995:

Remember your humanity, and forget the rest.

The manifesto called for an international conference, and was originally planned by Jawaharlal Nehru to be held in India. This was delayed by the outbreak of the Suez Crisis football t shirts uk. Aristotle Onassis offered to finance a meeting in Monaco, but this was rejected. Instead, Cyrus Eaton, a Canadian industrialist who had known Russell since 1938, offered to finance the conference in his hometown of Pugwash, Nova Scotia. The Russell–Einstein Manifesto became the Pugwash Conferences’ founding charter. The first of the conferences was held in July 1957 in London.

Ten of the eleven signatories of the Russell–Einstein Manifesto are Nobel Laureates, the exception being Leopold Infeld.

Wolfhold von Admont

Wolfhold von Admont, auch Wolfhold von Lohkirchen (* 11

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. Jahrhundert; † 1. November 1137 in Admont) war Abt des Benediktinerstifts Admont von 1115 bis 1138, Klosterreformer und Gründer des Admonter Frauenklosters runners pouch belt.

Wolfhold von Lohkirchen war Dompropst in Freising, dann Profess des Schwarzwaldklosters St. Georgen unter Abt Theoger (1088–1119), kurzfristig auch Abt des Klosters Eisenhofen-Petersberg (Scheyern) gewesen, bevor er die Klosterleitung von Admont übernahm.

Die Admonter Annalen erwähnen zu 1115 und zu 1137 in ausführlichen Exkursen Wolfhold von St. Georgen. Der Einsetzung des Mönches als Admonter Abt durch den Salzburger Erzbischof Konrad I. (1106–1147) ging die „demütige Bitte“ des Letzteren an Abt Theoger von St. Georgen voraus, Wolfhold nach Admont zu schicken. Theoger und sein Kloster erfreuten sich innerhalb des reformerisch geprägten Mönchtums offensichtlich eines guten Rufes, und Theoger entsprach selbstverständlich der erzbischöflichen Bitte design a football shirt.

Zum Jahr 1137 heben die Admonter Annalen besonders auf das reformerische Wirken Wolfholds ab, das offensichtlich auf den Widerstand von Kräften innerhalb und außerhalb des Klosters traf. Durch ein Ordal, ein Gottesurteil reinigte sich Wolfhold von etwaigen Anschuldigungen, er gründete das Admonter Frauenkloster (1116/1120), reformierte die Frauengemeinschaft St. Georgen am Längsee (1122) und beeinflusste im Sinne der Admonter Klosterreform durch die Admuntina religio noch weitere Klöster. Mit anderen Worten: Admont entfaltete unter Wolfhold erstmals eine Außenwirkung als Reformkloster.

Abt Wolfhold widmete sich auch dem Wiederaufbau des in den Kämpfen des Investiturstreits verwüsteten Admonter Klosters. Mit massiver erzbischöflicher Unterstützung wurde die Abteikirche neu erbaut und 1121 geweiht, eine dreischiffige Basilika mit einer mächtigen Doppelturmanlage im Westen des Langhauses, eine Kirche vom Admonter Bautyp remington shaver india, die Einflüsse Hirsauer Bauformen erahnen lässt. Das Gotteshaus Wolfholds hatte Bestand bis zum Brand des Klosters im Jahr 1152.

Wolfhold von Admont starb am 1. November 1137, sein Nachfolger wurde Gottfried von Admont (1138–1165).

Johann Heinrich Joseph Düntzer

Johann Heinrich Joseph Düntzer (July 12, 1813 – December 16, 1901), was a German philologist and historian of literature.

He was born at Cologne. After studying philology and especially ancient classics and Sanskrit at Bonn and Berlin (1830–1835), he took the degree of doctor of philosophy and established himself in 1837 at Bonn as privatdozent for classical philology. He had already, in his Goethes Faust in seiner Einheit und Ganzheit (1836) and Goethe als Dramatiker (1837), advocated a new critical method in interpreting the German classics, which he wished to see treated like the ancient classics.

He subsequently turned his attention almost exclusively to the poets of the German classical period, notably Goethe and Schiller tenderize a steak. Düntzer’s method met with much opposition and he consequently failed to obtain the professorship he coveted. From 1846 up to the time of his death in 1901 he maintained the post of librarian at the Roman Catholic gymnasium in Cologne. In 1849 he was awarded with the title of professor.

Düntzer was a painstaking and accurate critic, but lacking in inspiration and finer literary taste, consequently his work as a biographer and commentator has, to a great extent football jerseys youth, been superseded and discredited.

Among his philological writings may be mentioned:

Of his works on the German classical poets, especially Goethe, Schiller and Herder, the following are particularly worthy of note:

Raymond Harry Brown

Raymond Harry “Ray” Brown (born November 7, 1946) is an American composer, arranger, trumpet player, and jazz educator. He has performed as trumpet player and arranged music for Stan Kenton (early 1970s), Bill Watrous, Bill Berry, Frank Capp – Nat Pierce (Juggernaut Big Band), and the Full Faith and Credit Big Band.

Brown joined Kenton in September 1971, succeeding Gary Lee Pack [b. 1950; Director of Jazz Studies (retired), University of Southern Maine], holding the jazz trumpet chair and serving as an improv clinician. The Kenton trumpet section included Mike Vax, Jay Saunders, and . Brown also contributed arrangements for Kenton, including “Mi Burrito” and “Neverbird.” Brown remained with the Kenton Orchestra until November 1972.

Before joining the Kenton Orchestra, Brown had served as arranger and trumpeter with the Studio Band of The United States Army Field Band at Fort Meade, Maryland (1968–71). His tenure with the Army Band and Kenton coincided closely with that of Jay Saunders — trumpet player, and jazz educator, who, while with the Kenton Orchestra, eventually played lead trumpet.

Brown also has performed with Mundell Lowe, Leroy Vinnegar, Ray Brown (jazz double-bassist), Thad Jones, Jimmy Heath, Steve Gadd, and Billy Hart.

Brown conducted the recording session of the Roy Hargrove Quintet entitled Roy Hargrove with Strings, Moment to Moment, released May 2000 on Verve. He has appeared at the Monterey Jazz Festival frequently as conductor of his wife Susan Cahill Brown’s Monterey Jazz Festival Chamber Orchestra in collaboration with Charlie Haden, Kenny Barron, Michael Brecker, Ralph Towner, Gary Burton, and Terence Blanchard.

Brown currently leads his own big band, the Great Big Band, which has performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival, the San Jose Jazz Festival, the , the , as well as jazz venues in the San Francisco Bay area.

Ray is currently on the faculty of Cabrillo College in Aptos, California watertight pouch, teaching Jazz improvisation, arranging, and Jazz ensembles.

Ray’s wife, (b. 1949, New York), is a violinist and teacher of strings – violin, viola, chamber music, and orchestra glass sports bottle. Susan holds a Bachelor of Music from Ithaca College (1971) and a Master of Fine Arts from Sarah Lawrence College (1974), where she studied with Dorothy DeLay. She also did post grad work at the University of Colorado (1975). Ray and Sue were married Aug 26, 1973, and together, they have three daughters, one of whom, , is a violinist and is married to cellist . Karin earned degrees in music from Oberlin Conservatory of Music (1998) and Juilliard. Daniel is a member of the preparatory faculty at the Peabody Institute.

Ray, born 1946 in Oceanside, New York, grew up in Freeport, New York. He has three older brothers, Glenn Edward Brown (1937–2007), Stephen Charles Brown, Roger V. Brown and a younger sister, Jeanne De Martino.

Glenn, Steve, and Ray all earned music degrees from Ithaca College – Steve: Bachelor of Music (1964) and a Master of Music (1968); Ray: Bachelor of Music (1968). Ray’s nephew (Steve’s son) – – is a jazz bassist, performer, and music educator.

Ray’s father, Glenn Earl Brown (1914–1965; 1936 graduate of Ithaca College School of Music), was the District Music Supervisor of Public Schools for Long Beach, New York. He was also director of bands at Long Beach Jr. Sr. High School from 1938 to 1965. As a pioneer in jazz education at the scholastic level, he introduced stage bands to Long Beach public schools in 1939. He also ran a music camp — Lake Shore Music Score — at Lake Winnipesaukee, Center Harbor, New Hampshire. Glenn Brown had been, for more than 14 years, a marimba soloist with the Xavier Cugat Orchestra.

Ray’s mother, Marie Brown (née Ward) (1916–2002), taught English at Boardman Junior High School in Oceanside for 28 years, where, before retiring from the Oceanside School District in 1982, she served as curriculum coordinator and English department chairwoman. She earned a Bachelor of Music degree from the Ithaca College School of Music in 1935, where she played piano, saxophone Runner Waist Pack, and clarinet. She also held a Masters in English from Hofstra University.

Compositions/arrangements for the Stan Kenton Orchestra

Arrangement for the Stan Kenton Orchestra

Other compositions/arrangements

As a member (jazz trumpet/flugelhorn) of the Stan Kenton Orchestra

Arrangement recorded by the Stan Kenton Orchestra

As a member of the Full Faith & Credit Big Band

As leader of Ray Brown’s Great Big Band

Other recordings

Ithaca College School of Music

14th Annual Gail Rich Awards — Cultural Council Associates (of the Santa Cruz County arts community) (Jan 26, 2010)


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La Gourgueyre est un ruisseau français qui coule dans les départements du Cantal et de la Haute-Loire, en région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes colored water in glass bottles. C’est un affluent de la Desges en rive droite, donc un sous-affluent de l’Allier et de la Loire par l’Allier.

La longueur de son cours d’eau est de 16,3&nbsp dry case;kilomètres. La Gourgueyre prend sa source dans la partie orientale du massif de la Margeride, aux pieds de la Serre de la Fage (1 394&nbsp what is a good meat tenderizer;mètres), sur la commune de Clavières, non loin du Mont Mouchet. Elle s’oriente au nord jusqu’au village de Chanteloube où elle prend la direction est. Elle s’enfonce alors dans des gorges, passe en dessous des Bois Noirs et rejoint la Desges en rive droite au village du même nom.

La Gourgueyre longe ou traverse les communes suivantes :

Liste der Vizegouverneure von Vermont

Das Amt des Vizegouverneurs bestand im US-Bundesstaat Vermont bereits vor dem Beitritt des Staates zur Union im Jahr 1791. Bis dahin hatte die unabhängige Republik Vermont existiert. Wie in anderen Staaten ist der Vizegouverneur der Stellvertreter des Gouverneurs und folgt diesem nötigenfalls im Amt nach. Der Vizegouverneur von Vermont ist der einzige mit einer nur zwei-jährigen Amtszeit. Er wird in einer separaten Wahl (nicht auf einem sogenannten ticket zusammen mit dem Gouverneur) vom Volk bestimmt wet electric shaver.

Bundesstaaten: Alabama | Alaska | Arkansas | Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware | Florida&nbsp soccer slogans for t shirts;| Georgia | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kalifornien | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota&nbsp fabric shaver for couch;| Mississippi | Missouri | Montana | Nebraska | Nevada | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York | North Carolina | North Dakota | Ohio | Oklahoma | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virginia | Washington | Wisconsin

Außengebiete: Amerikanisch-Samoa | Jungferninseln | Guam | Nördliche Marianen

Gouverneur | Vizegouverneur&nbsp free water bottle by mail;| Secretary of State | Attorney General | State Treasurer | State Auditor

Jakob II. (Zypern)

Jakob II. von Zypern (* um 1440; † 10. Juli 1473) war von 1463 bis 1473 König von Zypern.

Er war der uneheliche Sohn von König Johann II. und Marietta von Patras.

Er war der Liebling seines Vaters bikini shaver, der ihn 1456 cheap goalie gloves, 16-jährig, zum Erzbischof von Nikosia machte. Nachdem Jakob den königlichen Kämmerer ermordet hatte, wurde er abgesetzt und floh nach Rhodos. Sein Vater verzieh ihm und gab ihm das Erzbistum zurück.

1458 starb sein Vater, und seine Halbschwester Charlotte wurde Königin von Zypern. 1460 forderte Jakob den Thron von ihr und belagerte sie und ihren Ehemann drei Jahre lang in der Burg von Kyrenia. Als Charlotte 1463 nach Rom floh, wurde Jakob zum König gekrönt.

Er war mit der Venezianerin Caterina Cornaro verheiratet, starb jedoch wenige Monate nach der Hochzeit. Es kamen Gerüchte auf, er sei von venezianischen Agenten vergiftet worden, möglicherweise von Verwandten Caterinas. Als sein postum geborener Sohn, Jakob, bereits vor Vollendung seines ersten Lebensjahres starb, wurde Caterina zunächst Regentin und dann die letzte Königin Zyperns. 1489 wurde sie von Venedig zur Abdankung gezwungen; damit wurde Zypern bis zur Eroberung durch die Osmanen im Jahre 1571 eine venezianische Kolonie.

Jakob II. hinterließ mehrere uneheliche Kinder, darunter zwei Söhne (Eugène und Jean (Janus) d’Arménie) cheap football shorts and socks. Diese wurden den Großteil ihres Lebens von Venedig gefangen gehalten cheap waterproof cases, da sie als Thronprätendenten eine Gefahr für die venezianische Herrschaft darstellen hätten können.

Der Machtkampf zwischen Jakob und Charlotte ist zentrales Thema in Dorothy Dunnetts Roman Spiel der Skorpione.

Ligue majeure de baseball 2005

Les White Sox de Chicago gagnent leur première Série mondiale depuis 1917.

2004 2006

La Ligue majeure de baseball 2005 est la 105e saison depuis le rapprochement entre la Ligue américaine et la Ligue nationale et la 130e saison de ligue majeure.

Le coup d’envoi de la saison a lieu le 3 avril 2005 avec un match d’ouverture opposant le champion sortant, les Red Sox de Boston, aux Yankees de New York.

Les White Sox de Chicago enlèvent leur premier titre depuis 1917 en s’imposant en Série mondiale face aux Astros de Houston.

Les affluences enregistrent une deuxième saison consécutive de hausse en atteignant le niveau de 74 926 174 spectateurs payants en saison régulière.

Le match d’ouverture oppose le 3 avril les Red Sox de Boston, aux Yankees de New York. Les Newyorkais s’imposent 9-2 à Boston.

Légende : V : victoires, D : défaites, % : pourcentage de victoires papain tenderizer, GB : games behind ou retard (en matchs) sur la première place.

Les White Sox de Chicago s’imposent contre les Astros de Houston en quatre matches.